About Monte…

When our children were growing up, all their friends and all of our friends’ children called me “Uncle Monte” – it was easier than saying “Uncle Monroe”, so it stuck.

For the last twenty years, I’ve been in the business of capturing and creating images, both in my photography businesses, and in words, by blogging photo tips and doing press releases for commercial clients. Also, I have a column in the online newspaper “The Lansing Star” called “Within Reach”, detailing the places of interest that are worth visiting and experiencing within reach of Lansing, NY. But as with all travel – everywhere is within reach if you want to go badly enough!

Photography, travel, motorcycle touring and wineries are my favorite subjects, as well as helping businesses and individuals improve their image through both words and photography.

My business clients appreciate the personal and dedicated service I give them, my publishers like the range of what I produce for them, and the magazines that  I create photos and written material for appreciate my attention to absolute quality.

My guaranty is simple – you must be delighted, or I will do whatever is necessary to make you delighted. I don’t ever do just “satisfied”.