It Rained Cats and Dogs (and Teddy Bears, and Beany Babies, and lots more…)

The 6’th Annual Tired Teddy Bear Toss, jointly sponsored by Stanley Steemer of Syracuse and the Syracuse Crunch Hockey Club is history, collecting 2,628 furry friends when Henri Ikonen scored with 6:40 left in the first period to get Syracuse on the board.

The crowd lept to its feet, roared and the deluge began with thousands of teddy bears being joyfully hurled onto the ice by the fans in yet another display of the Central New York community’s generosity. Seriously, this is the most fun that can be had at a hockey game, when fans are actually invited to throw things on to the ice.

The Syracuse Crunch help corral all the donated Teddy Bears at this year’s Teddy Bear Toss

The Crunch and Stanley Steemer have been actively collecting toys all year for the fans to throw. Many of the fans brought in their own collections in bags, happily tossing them over the glass one by one.

The biggest bear this year was a 93” plush teddy bear by HugFun which made it over the

Hamming it up before the game

tall glass owing to herculean efforts by grinning fans. He enjoyed watching the game until his moment came.

Even as the toys were flying, players from both teams, the Crunch staff and the Ice Girls all worked together efficiently to corral the bears so that the game could continue without undue delay. The toys then got counted, bagged and moved to the Stanley Steemer building where they will be cleaned, refurbished and made ready for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Bureau next Saturday.

Cleaning and preparing the toys is a big job, but one that the crew at Stanley Steemer does with big smiles on their faces. The technicians use their considerable expertise to do a thorough job on items a lot more fun and exciting than carpets and ducts.

This Tuesday December 13, the Channel 3 remote crew will be at Stanley Steemer between 6 and 7AM, looking over the mountain of toys and showing exactly what goes into preparing them for their new homes. Be sure to watch for TV3’s Brandon Roth’s opportunity to play with that huge bear. The Ice Girls sure liked it…

Both Jeff Trisciani owner of Stanley Steemer of Syracuse and Jim Sarosy, COO of the crunch say that this event is one way that they can give back to the community that has supported them for so long.

You can find the video on Twitter,, and more information on the Salvation Army’s Christmas Bureau at


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