What’s Happening Here?

When I was young, our family went camping, or went out on Cayuga Lake on the boat. That was the extent of our recreation. No cable TV, no cell phones and no wineries (believe it or not). We had to be creative and somehow kept busy without Pokemon Go and the constant bombardment of advertisements and a thousand sources of information all vying for our attention (and money).

On this backdrop, the places I review aren’t necessarily the top of the line restaurants or Disney like attractions – they are more for just folks, like me, who want to have a good time doing something new without completely draining their wallets.

Besides traveling to places near or far (but all “within reach”), our area is rich in events, concerts and other entertainment that you might like to consider.

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Being a crowd-o-phobe, I personally don’t go to events that draw hundreds or thousands of people, but I suspect many of YOU do. Maybe you will be in town, any town, and want to know what is going on that your 10-year-old will enjoy. Or your family. Or your grandkids…

To help out, I have collected a set of resources that might help you solve the
“Now I’m here, what do I do?” question.

#1 in my list is AmericanTowns.com. Just type in the zip code of whatever town you’re in, and explore. There is a list of events happening not only in that zip code, but surrounding towns as well. For instance, I typed in Ithaca, NY. Then went to “Things to do”, then “Events”, and found that Ricky Skaggs and Country Thunder are performing in Trumansburg’s Grass Roots Festival this weekend.

Maybe I’ll revisit this anti crowd persona I seem to have developed…

Events, cultural displays, exhibits, the Farmer’s Market – all are listed in an easily searchable format.

If concerts are your “good time”, try my #2 choice, eventful.com.

They magically figure where you are (or you can request other places) and find concerts of every style within an easy drive. For instance, Luke Bryan is performing at CMAC in Rochester on the 28’th. Hmmm… She really likes Luke Bryan…

Scrolling down the page, there are more choices – family events, kids, conferences, festivals and much more.

#3 is http://parks.ny.gov/. The Finger Lakes region is blessed with a multitude of State Parks in some of the most beautiful locations you can imagine. At this site you can find information on any of the 25 Finger Lakes Region State Parks and plan your getaway, whether it be for one afternoon or a couple weeks camping. Just search for the finger Lakes Region and follow your nose.

Coming in at #4, VisitIthaca.com is where you will find information on theaters, restaurants and waterfalls. The website of Tompkins County Travel and Tourism, visitithaca.com’s purpose is to bring people in to the area from outside, but us locals might like to know where to have fun here as well!

And finally at #5, http://fingerlakestravelny.com/ is a collaborative effort by the 14 counties that make up the finger lakes region. It is a fairly comprehensive catalog of everything in our region, however the surprise is the “Haunted History Trail”. I mean, I know about the Wine trail, the Cheese trail, even the Beer trail, but the Haunted History Trail?

Events range from the Owego Zombie Fest to the Haunted Auburn Tour and a half dozen more in between. Look it up! There is far more to our region than parks and wine, but those are really good too….

Speaking of wine, let’s not forget http://www.fingerlakeswinecountry.com for a look at the various wine trails running through our region. With over a hundred wineries to visit, you will never get bored, and your pallet will never lack for another good taste of our world famous adult beverages.

So enjoy our region in all its summer glory. It is all Within Reach!



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